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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Maria Esca - Party Night Set

Hi people!

You are going to meet with one gorgeous Sim! Her name is Maria Esca and she is from the PARTY NIGHT SET

 She works as a bartender in one of the late night clubs, but you better not give her a drink! Because she gets wacky and starts dancing like a... well, only family friendly words here!

Her traits in one messy picture:
Aye aye, captain!
Front and Back this time!

Her clothes are different than the original Maria, but I wanted to make every cloth that is needed for her appearance to be free. Well, other than the expansion packs -_-

Now let's see what stuff you are going to need for that precious sim!

MYOS Natural Wavy Hair ~Retextured by Anubis360~ 

Generations Expansion Pack

Late Night Expansion Pack

For Face
For Body

LemonLeaf ~Makeup and Eyes~  

And the download link for the sim..

Well, that's for now. Bye!

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