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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Eawan - The Psychological Horror Game, that won't let you sleep.

You know most of the, so called, horror games, which are mostly revolved around killing mindless zombies, stupid screamers and running away from stalkers, that usually don't give a crap about you.

Eawan isn't one of them.

Developed by Illya "Doctor Nuriel" Velleman, Eawan is revolving around a middle-aged woman, called Iris Eawan, and the events after she raped the young Marilyn. Now,  Eawan being convicted in the Roland Asylum and rotting in her cell, she is suddenly overwhelmed by a strange feeling, bringing her conscience for a moment. Iris realizes what she has done the past years, what terrible things she caused to the young Marilyn.
Now she needs to deal with the terrible deeds she caused, if she wants to taste her sanity again.

Eawan is a mod for Half-Life 2: Episode 2

While Iris is in Roland Asylum, the locations that are met in Eawan are mostly in her fantasy world "Kezla Empire".
She meets two manifestations:

Guilt - A mysterious spirit is wandering in the hallway, and once it and Iris are met, Death is Iris's guest.

Prey - A terrifyingly creepy version of Marilyn. A wrapped mask on her face and a pipe in her hand, the Prey is something deadly that seeks Iris.
Concept art of Prey

Things, that make Iris more sane.

Her Majesty - A little doll that was Iris's favorite toy in her childhood.

Gameplay Shots and Concept art of Eawan

1 comment:

  1. Reminiscent of Silent Hill I must say. The "Prey" resembles the bobblehead nurses of Silent Hill 2, in pose and outfit. And the doll, Shabby Doll of Silent Hill 4. Which caused Henry's apartment to be come haunted if stored in the chest.