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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mia Debby - Cute Sims Set! (+ a never before seen image)

Hey guys!
And girls.

I'm releasing today the second model from my Cute Sims Set!

Her name is Mia Debby, and she is an adorable girl!


Ain't she cute?

Her traits can be seen in the bellow picture:

And yes, she is a cat person :3


Her Life-Time wish is  The Cat Herder (from Pets)

A full view of her:

Now, you want to know what stuff you are going to need. First, lets begin with the hair.

Peggy's December Special Gift (Retexture by the wonderful Anubis360) 

I am not sure which highlight version I used. I suggest getting both EA and Adjust-Shine highlights versions.

They come with the Pets Expansion Pack.
In case you don't have it: GET IT

For Face

MAKEUP (including Eyes and Lipstick):
~~Click Me~~

And now, the download link for the sim...

~~Download Me~~

And now the never before seen image.
The truth is:
Mia Debby is a reincarnation of a Sim that I used once and was going to use for a birthday image. Sadly, that sim was lost in The Void.
Also known as used families in The Sims 3.

For those who don't know my DeviantART profile, the Lost Sim is Nelly.

Alright, bye!
For now...

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