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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Valerie "Val" Mitchie - Party Night Set

Good morning! Or Good Afternoon! Or Good Evening! Or even Good Night?

I never worked so hard on a sim (I had to go and leave the Sims 3 so many times, and don't ask how many hairs and clothes that sim has tried..) but I am done!

I am introducing... (drums here) Valerie (or Val) Mitchie!


Valeria Fel Inn had a rough childhood. In her teenage years she was a ginger, always insulted and lonely. Her favorite type of music was also different than the other children, nobody had common interests with her. Valeria had no friends, and only her parents actually talked with her.

However, when she left school and her parents home, she decided to make a change with her life. Looks, hair, clothes, attitude, everything! She was happy about it and was even happier when the change had effect. She was wanted for a reporter in the DenTV news. 

After she built her career, she was invited in the christmas Party Night. The night that ruined her life. 

But after she left the rehab, she is starting a new life...

Her traits can be seen here:

While Val is a reporter, she has a hobby. Guitar playing.
And here is a more fancy picture to prove this:

And now the stuff you need for her appearance.

It's donation hair, but you can look in The Booty for it.




No expansions required, though the sim was made with the latest build of the game.


And here is an extra video, for the girl, that was insulted in school, that is still in Val's heart.
Valerie's favorite song!
 Using Remothered's soundtrack.

That's all for now, bye!


  1. Way to go, good job. Val looks awesome in her new look! I hate making sims, and dressing them, isn't it always the hair. The wrong hair and all the hard work you put into the sims's face is lost. You did a excellent job, so it was worth the effort. I still like her backstory. She looks every bit the rocker now ^_^
    Great little video. I really want to get back to playing my game after seeing your video. Lately all i do is make sims. (which i like doing)

  2. @ Sackgirl,
    Keep doing only what you like. That way, in the end it always turns out the best

  3. No problem :D
    I am happy that you like my sims. This is probably the only one, that has actual modifications of her face. Not just "pick-the-favorite-nose"