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Friday, July 6, 2012

Coolsims Hair - Pooklet'd for Females

Hello :)
I always loved this hair, but I wanted an EA highlights version. I don't know if somebody made one, 'cause I never really searched for it, but I decided to make my own.
I kinda previewed this hair on my Tumblr a few days ago, but I lost the .package file. But now I found it :D

Anyways, in the pictures the roots look odd (and kinda dark), but that's because I made them a darker color than the overall one, so you can see that I actually made roots. Kinda pointless doing this, because I already made a picture with the channels pointed though.

- Females only.
- Available Teen to Elders.
- Since it's a "hat hair", it can be found in the Hair with Accessories category in CAS.
- That accessory or whatever it is has 1 recoloarble channel.
- Polycount is high. About 18 000 polys or so.
- Package format only.
- I have no idea if this hair supported morphs, but I think the hair moved when the breast slider was dragged randomly.
- EA highlights only, don't ask for Adjust Shine, just get Anto's version.
- Mesh by CoolSims.
- This retexture won't replace the original hair by Anto, so you can have both of them at the same time :)

Models Credit:
~ Clothing by Anubis360 SashaJ Elexis Juliana Me / Various EPs and The Store
~ Cosmetics by S-Club PriveeMeElexisMissbonbonEphemeraLemonleaf 
~ Accessories by S-Club PriveeElexis
~ Poses by Me (unreleased) / Elexis / HarukoMitsu 


  1. Beautiful hairs my dear! Really great job :) btw. Great blog *.*

  2. TheD3N (vacation)July 7, 2012 at 12:59 PM

    Thank you guys!
    - TheD3N

  3. I don't see where I can download. Can someone help me please?

    1. Do you see that big blue image/button "EA Highlights"? Click it :)