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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Newsea's Hell on Heels!

Hi :)
I am in love with this hair, newsea did a lovely job on it!

~ This is a simple retexture! No changes on the mesh were made
~ This retexture works for teen to elder females
~ 2 shine styles made, you can have both of them at the same time

CC Credits:
~ Clothing by Elexis Anubis360 Ace Creators Juliana SashaJ 
~ Cosmetics by S-Club PriveeMeElexisMissbonbonEphemeraLemonleaf 
~ Accessories by S-Club Privee
~ Poses by Me (unreleased) / HarukoMitsu 


  1. This is one of those hairs that having adjust shine actually works.

  2. Hi,I'm not criticizing but you should make your EA control with a white base not black to show the texture~ It looks good (:

  3. Thank you for Adjust Shine version! <3

  4. I have some constructive criticism here~ I think the texture isn't the best. It looks like the hair is in bunches. You can't see the texture very well. But you did a pretty good job. I couldn't do better. :)

    1. Thank you, and next time I will try to do better!