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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Newsea's Roll Cake ~ Retextured for Teen to Elders

Hiya! c:

At first glance you may not like this hair. But once you try it on your cute and adorable sims, you will fall in love with it! Not sure about the name though, lol

~ This retexture works for teen to elder females
~ 2 shine styles made, you can have both of them at the same time
~ Package format only
~ Polycount: Around 8k polys
~ Custom thumbnails included

Hope you like it! :3

CC Credits:
~ Clothing by Juliana / Darko / Elexis / Various EPs and SPs
~ Accessories by Elexis / Anubis / S-Club Privee
~ Makeup, Eyebrows, Eyes, Skintones and etc. by Elexis / Ephemera / S-Club Privee / Kittyklan / Escand
~ Poses by Me / Elexis / Skylar / Simnnocent / Noel
~ Cally Hayes by Simsalways / Colette Frey by Elexis


  1. Gorgeous hair, thank you :)

  2. hi could you put your version of "Maggie Yu" Bone purple haired girl?

  3. hi could create a version of this sim and put it in his blog to download please ://minasavenue.tumblr.com/image/40273839663

    1. Well at least you said please XD, but Mina says NOPE :P They gonna be my sims all alone MUHAHAHA!! *judging you very kindly*

      Lovely Retexture by the way :D!!!! I downloaded it already ;)!

  4. I LOVE this hairstyle, so adorable!

  5. I'm hoping the mesh comes with? *crosses fingers*