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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

NewSea's NightBloom ~ Retextured for Teen to Elders


I really like this hair, it's very formal and elegant. One of newsea's best meshes! And I know that there are probably over 14 retextures of this hair, but I really wanted to make it :<

~ This retexture works for teen to elder females only
~ 3 recoloring styles made, you can have all of them at the same time
~ Package format only
~ Custom thumbnails included
~ Mesh included
~ Polycount: 12 767 polys

Enjoy! :3

CC Credits:
~ Clothing by Anubis / Elexis / Sentate / Darko / PradaSims
~ Cally Hayes and Hui Min by Simsalways


  1. Thank you very much! I must say I wasn't keen on this hair at first but your streaked retex takes the cake ^_^

  2. You really need to learn to retexture properly... The hair doesn't even work properly with the texture, the control is fucked up beyond repair, the texture is warped and blurry. You really need to learn to do this properly little child.

    Trying to be constructive, btw. It really needs work.

    1. I strongly disagree with this comment. Maybe you are blind, but the textures are very nicely placed. And your comment isn't constructive at all and using the word 'fucked' and calling the creator a little child isn't helping at all.

      I bet you are just jealous with what this creator do for us :)

    2. I've used several of this creator's retextures in my game and like them all. If you feel otherwise, no one is forcing you to DL from this site. Just go somewhere else. Calling names and using profane language is not "constructive" in the least.

    3. You call that contructive? It isn't. Constructive criticism means a positive way of giving criticism. You say then you're not happy in the way it is now, but then come with solutions for it on how to improve it. But you don't. Instead you start to call names and call the creator a little child. And you also don't come with solutions or insights on how to do it.
      Also you don't have the guts to use your nickname and post it under anonymous.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Well, 14 is maybe a bit too much, but there are some other versions yes. It seems that there are more retexturers lately. But i stick to a couple of retexturers where i like the work the most from and you're one of it. And i know that it functions.
    Anyway, it looks nice.

    edit: i reposted my comment since it was first wrongly placed.