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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Raon 34 - Retextured for Teens to Elders

Hi :D
I've always loved this hair, but the terrible texture and awkward adjust shine control map wasn't something I would like to see on my sims. So I decided that I could retexture it :D

~ This retexture works for Teen to Elder females
~ 2 highlight styles made, you can have both of them at the same time
~ Custom thumbnails bundled for easier selecting
~ The accessory has 2 recolorable channels
~ Mesh by Raonjena, textures by Elexis, EA control map by Anubis


CC Credits:
- Clothing by Anubis360 /  Elexis / JulianaCapitalsims / Store and EPs
- Blushes by Lemonleaf
- Lipstick by S-Club Privee / Elexis
- Eyes by Ephemera / Me
- Skin by S-Club Privee / Ephemera
- Eyebrows by Elexis / Missbonbon / Ephemera
- Poses by Me / Danznxcrd / Tokyo Cafe Labo / Traelia / Skylar


  1. Lovely job. I love this hair and it was always in bad need of a retexture. :)

    1. Thanks and yeah, I couldn't even find a retexture of that hair, lol

  2. Are you going to do more Raon retextures? Cuz I really like 26, 28, and 33, but I won't download them without retextures. Also, are you going to go back to making poses?

    1. Possibly, I am not sure.
      And yes, I will always make poses (but they turn out terrible and I am not sharing most of them XD)