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Saturday, August 4, 2012

NewSea's Lucky Star - Elexis'd (lol) for Teens-Elders

Hello :)
After doing some of the requests I received, I wanted to do retexture something I would like. Just kidding, this is another request that isn't put on the list.

- This retexture works for Teens to Elders, females only.
- 2 shine styles made, you can have both of them at the same time.
- This is a simple retexture! No edits on the mesh were made!
- Awesome textures by Elexis. (technically, they were Pooklet's with my edits, then with a massive overhaul by Elexis)
- Bundled with a custom thumbnail for easier selecting

CC Credits:
- Clothing by Anubis360Elexis / Juliana / Store and EPs
- Blushes by Lemonleaf
- Lipstick by S-Club Privee / Elexis
- Eyes by Ephemera / Me
- Skin by S-Club Privee / Ephemera
- Eyebrows by Elexis / Missbonbon / Ephemera
- Poses by Me / Traelia / HarukoMitsue


  1. Yay! Another beautiful job!

  2. please make sims3pack. u are only allowed to use 100 .package files or the coding in the sims 3 will mess up. so plz, i would appreciate an update to sims3pack :)
    Still beutiful job. kudos.

    1. Bullpoop. I've never heard of such a limit. And even if there was, you can always merge your packages with S3PE for faster loading :P

    2. I use 646 package files at the moment and haven't got any significant problems so far. So i can already say that there is no limit of 100 package files. And i know that there are people around which use more package files. There is no limit on the amount of package files, but at the filesize of them, especially if you merge them.

  3. Which eyeshadow are you using? Very nice retexture, thank you for sharing :)

    1. Base game, lol
      Except for the "channels" girl, she is wearing eyeshadow by Ephemera

  4. I love all your Hairstyles. Keep up the good work! :)