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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Peggy 845 - Fixed for teen to elder females

Hello :)
I've always loved this hair, but hated it's greasy textures and lack of morphs. So with the new knowledge from Elexis' help with a very buggy hair, I fixed this hair!
And by fix, I mean retexture + proper morphs.

Adjust Shine:

Comparison gif (click for bigger resolution)

- This hair works for teen to elder females only
- 2 shine styles made, you can have both of them at the same time
- Package format only, don't ask for sims3pack
- Polycount: 11 858 
- Proper(-ish) morphs and LODs made

Download links: 
(click on the pictures)


  1. I don't even think any retexturers that I use retextured this so YAY it's great ^^

    1. Wow, really? I've always used the original (because I was extremely dumb lolol)
      Anyway, thanks!

  2. The problem is... Peggy did 2 versions of this hair, one with the few strands in front of the face, and one without. If i remember it right, beaverhausen retextured the one without the strands a while ago. So when I see that you've decided to to retexture the one with strands, I almost screamed happily... Yet you removed the strands... *crawls back to the hole and weeps*

    Could you add the strands back? Pretty pretty please~?

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