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Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Rocker Bitchez - Why, by UEICKAP

I've got some cool stuff for you :D
First, a poster.

Hey! I heared the "Rocking Bitchez" are having a concert tonight!

And second, here is a music video I made:

Again, it features The Rocking Bitchez.

Vocals - Sylvia Tanne.
Guitar - Val Mitchie
Drums and background piano - Maria Esca

The song is Why, by UEICKAP.
It's also the theme of REMOTHERED.

Well, that's all for now. Bye!

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Valerie "Val" Mitchie - Party Night Set

Good morning! Or Good Afternoon! Or Good Evening! Or even Good Night?

I never worked so hard on a sim (I had to go and leave the Sims 3 so many times, and don't ask how many hairs and clothes that sim has tried..) but I am done!

I am introducing... (drums here) Valerie (or Val) Mitchie!


Valeria Fel Inn had a rough childhood. In her teenage years she was a ginger, always insulted and lonely. Her favorite type of music was also different than the other children, nobody had common interests with her. Valeria had no friends, and only her parents actually talked with her.

However, when she left school and her parents home, she decided to make a change with her life. Looks, hair, clothes, attitude, everything! She was happy about it and was even happier when the change had effect. She was wanted for a reporter in the DenTV news. 

After she built her career, she was invited in the christmas Party Night. The night that ruined her life. 

But after she left the rehab, she is starting a new life...

Her traits can be seen here:

While Val is a reporter, she has a hobby. Guitar playing.
And here is a more fancy picture to prove this:

And now the stuff you need for her appearance.

It's donation hair, but you can look in The Booty for it.




No expansions required, though the sim was made with the latest build of the game.


And here is an extra video, for the girl, that was insulted in school, that is still in Val's heart.
Valerie's favorite song!
 Using Remothered's soundtrack.

That's all for now, bye!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Maria Esca - Party Night Set

Hi people!

You are going to meet with one gorgeous Sim! Her name is Maria Esca and she is from the PARTY NIGHT SET

 She works as a bartender in one of the late night clubs, but you better not give her a drink! Because she gets wacky and starts dancing like a... well, only family friendly words here!

Her traits in one messy picture:
Aye aye, captain!
Front and Back this time!

Her clothes are different than the original Maria, but I wanted to make every cloth that is needed for her appearance to be free. Well, other than the expansion packs -_-

Now let's see what stuff you are going to need for that precious sim!

MYOS Natural Wavy Hair ~Retextured by Anubis360~ 

Generations Expansion Pack

Late Night Expansion Pack

For Face
For Body

LemonLeaf ~Makeup and Eyes~  

And the download link for the sim..

Well, that's for now. Bye!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Soft twins - Cute Sims Set!

Insert dumb after-title phrase here.

You will meet with 2 cute, super hot sims for your family! 

Hot and Cute. Yum

They are the Soft twins,  Hillary and Charlotte.

Hillary Soft
Isn't she sweet?


LifeTime-Wish is "Super Popular"

ButterflySims2 Hair 004 (Converted by Anubis360) 
Cute ^_^

Outdoor Living Stuff
Ambitions (optional, it includes only a bracelet)

~~Click Me~~

For Face
For Body

Charlotte Soft

She is more of a bully....

Her traits:
Quit looking at her breasts!

Two Ponytails ~~By Myos 

Outdoor Living Stuff


For Face
For Body

~~Click Me~~

And a bonus picture of Charlotte...

She likes horses :D

And now the download link:
~~Download Us~~
 Includes both girls in the .rar file.

 Well, that's all for now.

'Till next time!  

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mia Debby - Cute Sims Set! (+ a never before seen image)

Hey guys!
And girls.

I'm releasing today the second model from my Cute Sims Set!

Her name is Mia Debby, and she is an adorable girl!


Ain't she cute?

Her traits can be seen in the bellow picture:

And yes, she is a cat person :3


Her Life-Time wish is  The Cat Herder (from Pets)

A full view of her:

Now, you want to know what stuff you are going to need. First, lets begin with the hair.

Peggy's December Special Gift (Retexture by the wonderful Anubis360) 

I am not sure which highlight version I used. I suggest getting both EA and Adjust-Shine highlights versions.

They come with the Pets Expansion Pack.
In case you don't have it: GET IT

For Face

MAKEUP (including Eyes and Lipstick):
~~Click Me~~

And now, the download link for the sim...

~~Download Me~~

And now the never before seen image.
The truth is:
Mia Debby is a reincarnation of a Sim that I used once and was going to use for a birthday image. Sadly, that sim was lost in The Void.
Also known as used families in The Sims 3.

For those who don't know my DeviantART profile, the Lost Sim is Nelly.

Alright, bye!
For now...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Eawan - The Psychological Horror Game, that won't let you sleep.

You know most of the, so called, horror games, which are mostly revolved around killing mindless zombies, stupid screamers and running away from stalkers, that usually don't give a crap about you.

Eawan isn't one of them.

Developed by Illya "Doctor Nuriel" Velleman, Eawan is revolving around a middle-aged woman, called Iris Eawan, and the events after she raped the young Marilyn. Now,  Eawan being convicted in the Roland Asylum and rotting in her cell, she is suddenly overwhelmed by a strange feeling, bringing her conscience for a moment. Iris realizes what she has done the past years, what terrible things she caused to the young Marilyn.
Now she needs to deal with the terrible deeds she caused, if she wants to taste her sanity again.

Eawan is a mod for Half-Life 2: Episode 2

While Iris is in Roland Asylum, the locations that are met in Eawan are mostly in her fantasy world "Kezla Empire".
She meets two manifestations:

Guilt - A mysterious spirit is wandering in the hallway, and once it and Iris are met, Death is Iris's guest.

Prey - A terrifyingly creepy version of Marilyn. A wrapped mask on her face and a pipe in her hand, the Prey is something deadly that seeks Iris.
Concept art of Prey

Things, that make Iris more sane.

Her Majesty - A little doll that was Iris's favorite toy in her childhood.

Gameplay Shots and Concept art of Eawan

Yuu Jasmiku - Cute Sims Set

Hi everybody!
In case there is anyone

I've decided to upload the first sim from the Cute Sims Set... set.

Her name is Yuu Jasmiku and she is ready for your Household!

Her traits can be seen below:

Now the stuff you need to get, if you want her appearance to stay the same

IMPORTANT: The only outfit I made was Casual. You can change her Formal, Sleepwear... outfits to your preference.

Late Night - For the shoes

Tear Through This

Peggy Hair 530 ~Retextured By Anubis360 

Peggy's female skins for body and face. Go search them, you won't regret it ^_^

By LemonLeaf, but you need to search  harder to find them. I suggest here.

~~Download Me!~~