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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Newsea's Ivory Tower~ Retextured for Child to Elders

Hi there :)

So I have a new retexture for you guys! This time, I took my time to make it for Children as well! :D

Also, please excuse the ugliness of my child models, I can never make pretty children :x

~ This retexture works for Child to Elder females
~ This hair can be found in the "Hat Hair" section in CAS
~ 3 variants included - 1 of them doesn't have the bow for teen to elders only!
~ 2 shine styles made, you can have both of them at the same time
~ Polycount: 11 995 polys.

Enjoy! ^-^

CC Credits:
- Clothing by Anubis / Elexis / Store and EPs
- Makeup by Elexis / Lemonleaf / S-Club Privee 
- Eyebrows by Ephemera / Missbonbon / Elexis
- Eyes by Me / Ephemera
- Pink haired child model by Traelia
- Accessories by S-Club Privee / Elexis (unavailable)


  1. Thanx but is the mesh included?

  2. Where is the link please? ^^

    1. There are little pictures/buttons with labels 'EA shine' and 'Adjust shine'. Click on them :)