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Monday, June 25, 2012

Jennifer Sutton - From Remothered

Hello :)
Today I had the weird urge to make Jennifer Sutton, especially after a new drawing of her was released by the awesome Chris Darril. And so I made her!

Jennifer is a shy, mature, and independent girl, with rather low self-esteem. She was diagnosed with a mysterious illness and doesn't remember a good portion of her childhood. She was an orphan in the Flemmington Girls' Institute. Her closest friend is Lotte, another orphan. When the orphanage closes down, Jennifer, even though loving the idea of a new life, becomes worried after arriving at the new home.. 

-  Dislikes Children (1 attacked her with garden shears!)
-  Friendly
-  Genius
-  No Sense of Humor

Lifetime Wish:
- World Renowned Surgeon

Custom Content Required:
- Hair by Anubis360 (Medieval Conversion)
- Dress by me, link bellow.
- Skin by S-Club Privee
- Lipstick by Elexis
- Blush by Lemonleaf
- Contact Lenses by Ephemera
- Jewel by S-Club Privee
- Eyelashes by S-Club Privee

Important Info:
- Sim is packaged with base game hair and default skin.
- No sliders were used.
- Credit me if you use her ANYWHERE if not for personal use.
- Credits for the character, logo and Remothered - Chris Darril

Aaaand... Jennifer's dress!

Important info:
- REQUIRES World Adventures!!!
- Available for Young Adults and Adults
- 3 channels available
- Morphs and Breast slider capable
- Available for Everyday and Formal outfit categories
- IMPORTANT: Due to some unfixable bug when you load the dress for the first time in CAS it may show up different colors. But don't worry! Just slightly change the color of any channel and everything will revert to it's original and proper colors :)


  1. Nicely done, will be downloading the dress. And am now intrigued about this story. Off to find.

  2. She looks great! :D And the dress ain't half bad either! ;) (MurfeeL)

  3. like the dress thanks, the sim is cool , horror huh, that stuff is hot now yep


  4. Uuuugh I remember the old version of Clock Tower. Nice re-creation!

  5. Love this Sim! By chance, are you planning on making a version of the dress on the far right, too?

    1. I actually tried, but I am not sure if those 2 versions are going to get replaced, and cause bugs. Here was an early version of the dress: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m65zojkfP81rqau41o1_1280.png

    2. I'm pretty sure they won't get replaced. If you're worried, just save a copy of the current dress, just in case. And the dress in the picture you linked looks fantastic!

  6. No offense, but it just looks like one of your models with different clothes and hair.

    1. Most of my sims are beginning from other sims I've created/ea randomly generated. There might be some similarity between all of them