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Sunday, April 15, 2012

"Elusive Chic" - Pose Set

Hello! I'm very happy to release my first pose set :)

Casual pose, perfect for taking non-dynamic pictures for hair retextures, clothes and other!

 A sexy, yet dangerous pose. Also good for magical photomanipulations

A more stylish version of "stop right there!" pose. Perfect for celebrity sims, especially with glasses

Download link:

- Simply put the .package file into Mods\ Packages folder.
- In order to work, you need the Pose Player
- This file is NOT packaged with a pose list. In order for the poses to work, simply write a_d3n_elchic_# , where # is the pose number (1, 2 or 3)

Custom Content Credits:- Hair by Savio
- Outfit from Showtime EP
- Makeup and other cosmetics by Ephemera / S-Club Privee / Elexis @MTS
- Sim by me (Megan Parker)

I really hope you like these poses :)


  1. I love it :) Downloaded :) Thank you :)

  2. I don't know if you're open to any constructive feedback. I like the concept of the poses. You've got some unnatural angles happening with the arms though, like in the first pose. I've been trying to create poses too so I know it can be difficult to get the right look without twisting your sim into a weird position. Just something to think about. I like that you tried to get the whole body into the pose though! Rather than just the arms you made sure to get the head and legs moving too.

    1. Thanks for your constructive criticism :)
      Yes, I am open to constructive feedback, as long as it isn't from the type "ur shit sucxx!!11!".

    2. Well then that would not be constructive criticism.
      Like the poses, thank you!

  3. Um.. Ur sim reminds me of Anubis's Megan Twalland XD LOL

    1. People tell me that a bit too much. But she is not Anubis' sim