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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Elexis' Ruffle Truffle Dress ~ Customized

Hello :)

Elexis released this very cute dress a few days ago and I wanted to add a few extras! (and I ended up removing the bow too, lol)

Forgot to take a picture of the back D:

~ This dress is available for young adult and adult females only
~ 4 recoloring channels (stencil/gradient)
~ 4 presets included (the ones presented)
~ Thumbnails included
~ Polycount - around 6k poly for LOD1 (highest)
~ Proper LODs included and debowed
~ Morphs and breast slider compatible
~ Package format only

Credits: Elexis for this wonderful mesh. Mouritsa for Butterfly design. Simsalways and Simsinastorm for help and feedback ♥

CC Credits:
- Hair by Me / Pickypikachu / Anubis / The Store
- Shoes by Elexis / Anubis / The Store
- Cosmetics by Elexis / S-Club Privee / Lemonleaf / IN3S and others
- Skin by Ephemera / Navetsea / S-Club Privee
- Cally Hayes by Simsalways


  1. Cute outfits <3 I will dl for sure. I have a question to ask. When you dl these, does it automatically go into your sims 3 game?

    1. No, you must put the .package files in your Mods/Packages folder
      There is a great tutorial about this on ModTheSims :)

  2. I hate being this person, but do you remember where you got those adorable converse shoes?

    1. They are by Anubis, available at his facebook page :)