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Friday, May 25, 2012

"Diamond Crystals" - Contact Lens

 Heya folks :)

These contact lenses are made to be better looking than the default EA eyes. A nice overall color with a recolorable shine for a stunning look. The pupil was smudged nicely to blend with the iris.

Contact lenses info:
- Available for both genders.
- Available for child - elder.
- Available for every clothing section (including career and nude)
- They will NOT replace the default eyes. They are contact lenses and can be selected in the Costume section in C-A-S
- 3 channels to re-colour: The Iris ; The Shine (white parts around the pupil) ; The Sclera (the white part)
- The texture was handpainted by me, so you can not re-use it.
- For maximum quality it's suggested that you use the HQ Mod by aWT

Custom Content Credits:

- Hairs by Savio / The Store / Coolsims (Anto) / The Store
- Skins by S-Club Privee
- Eyebrows by Elexis / Missbonbon
- Lipsticks by Elexis / Ephemera (teruk)
- Mirella's outfit by Elexis
- Poses by Elexis Elexis again / Me (unreleased)     Download Link:~~Click me or your eyes will melt~~